The Epic Reality Radio Fails Podcast – North East Radio

Gordon Duthie


© Gordon Duthie 2014

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Produced and Written by Gordon Duthie

Recorded in 2013 in France, Scotland and United States of America

Sound Engineering by Thaddeus Moore

Art Direction / Design by Gordon Duthie and I 365 Art

Includes Instrumentals of: "Gordon Duthie – A Change of Direction?", "Gordon Duthie – Quarter-Life Crisis", "Gordon Duthie – The Curse of the Broken Metal Sword (56k Modems)" and "Gordon Duthie - Gradual Freedom"

Background Football Training audio sample on "A Chat with Clichy about Football" derived and transformed from "soccer training 01.wav" ( by klankbeeld is licensed under CC BY 3.0

CAST (In Order of Appearance):

Chris ... Johan “The Code” Cracker

Julie Cummings ... North East Radio Jingle Announcer

Gordon Duthie ... Himself, Zac Radka, Dougal, Hamish, Dougal’s Dad, Tommy Telem, Auditor Anecdotes Caller

Rob Banks ... “Odor Neutralizer Grenade” Spokesperson

A.B. Watson ... Zac Radka’s Publicist

Marconi Bologna ... “Dude I Hate My Rich Dad” Trailer Announcer

Jim ... News Reader

Steven Mitchell ... Sports Journalist

Eban Dusart ... Brutus Clichy

Mark ... “Shave(r) Grater” Spokesperson

© Gordon Duthie 2014